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April 08, 2008



I'm a parent of two diners under six so this is an issue close to my heart. When we dine out with the kids, we're always pleased when restaurants offer a short list of menu items for kids. Four is a good number -- more than that and it's too much decision making. Chicken, pasta, meatballs/hamburger/meatloaf and mac & cheese/quesedilla seem to be the standards. If it comes with a small dessert, even better.

But the real bonus is when the staff is quick in taking orders and getting (at least the kids') food to the table. Kids have little patience when they're hungry.

We were treated to a great meal at Roy's last week -- with the kids. I was skeptical that we'd make it through and even brought a second car in case there was a meltdown, but it was outstanding. They had plain cheese quesadilla slices on the table as a kids starter within minutes of being seated; celery, carrots and green apple slices with ranch dressing for dipping came a few minutes later; then the entrees came -- salmon, pasta, meatloaf and mac & cheese were the choices, I believe -- with the adults' meals.

And the drinks -- cold milk is a definite plus! -- came with lids and straws. Kids need that because they're really messy.

We keep away from the fried foods as much as possible and leave them to our rare visits to McDonald's.

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