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August 25, 2007



Congrats on being able to write out their menu. Just a couple of comments and constructive criticisms. No doubt that this will not be the last menu that you'll write. For me personally, I prefer less wordier descriptions and menus that are left justified which are much easier to read than center justified menus. In studies, center justified menus have been shown to be less appealing to guests because it takes more of an effort to read (the human brain is not used to reading things in that format). An example of what I mean would be this:

Fresh Clams, Garlic, White Wine, Cracked Pepper, Italian Parsley

You don't need to tell them in the description that the pasta comes with spaghetti, because the name of the dish already implies the type of pasta.

Another example is the risotto section. Pretty much everyone knows what risotto is now days and even if they didn't and you needed to include the "Arborio Rice" in the item description, you don't need to do it for all four items. It looks very repetitive. It would be better to either eliminate it, or in smaller font, put it in parentheses under the Risotto heading. You could make it like this: (Made with Imported Arborio Rice). I would just eliminate it. If a guest does not know what risotto is, they can ask the server.

With the entrees, I'll use the lamb as an example. There are two preparations: one that is stewed and one that is pounded thin and can be sauteed or grilled. Your menu descriptions should denote that so that the guest will know the difference. Most people won't know what a fricassee is. Here's a couple of examples of how it could be done:

Braised Lamb Shank(include what part of the lamb, I'm assuming the shank), Braising Jus of White Wine, Egg Yolk, Garlic, Parmesan Cheese, and Black Pepper, Marinated Vegetables and Potatoes

Sauteed Thinly-cut Lamb Loin (again, I'm assuming the cut of meat), White wine and Red Bell Pepper Sauce, Marinated Vegetables and Potatoes

So in some cases, less is more and in other cases, more is needed. In summary, get rid of most of the "with" words, change the menu to be left-justified, and simplify the repetitive menu descriptions like in the spaghetti and risotto examples. The menu will read better, look more elegant, and look more contemporary.

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