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I love food, and I think the feeling's mutual...19 years on this earth and I still haven't absorbed all I wish I could have. My dreams, depending on who you ask, surpass reality. My ultimate aspiration is to open BASIL, a 20-seat Ital-Cal restaurant in San Mateo, CA. I barely made it through my first year of college because my passion for food exceeded my passion to do well in school. Looks like I need to find balance. My major at Univ. of Hawaii is Agriculture (I want to grow my own stuff) and my minor is in Business Administration, you know, for the restaurant part. I went to culinary school for a month and dropped out because I hated veal stock. My plan is to complete my B.A., fly over to Italy for REAL culinary school, shuffle knives around the Bay Area, and open BASIL, and somewhere in the midst of it obtain my Master's in toxicology or tropical medicine. Or psychology or entomology. I have too much to think about right now. Time to blog!